The difference in how we experience life, aging and dying depends on whether we choose love or fear

Our journey starts with this choice ~ Birgitta

Holistic Life Coaching

Stress, fear and grief are common for many of us as we journey through hard times. Alleviating fears, bringing clarity and providing a sense of calm are shared goals that bring peace of mind. As your coach I journey with you, walk beside you and support you. So you feel empowered and experience greater levels of well­ being. We work together to uncover values, wishes and needs that, form the basis for exploring choices and creating a holistic plan to navigate the unfamiliar roads ahead. Practical and effective tools provide relief and ease to support your physical, spiritual and emotional well­ being.

End of life guidance

Providing a holistic approach to supporting the end of life journey for those transitioning and their care circle before, during and after death is an honor. Death is a challenging physical, emotional and spiritual process. This is a time where we benefit from the kind and compassionate knowledge of a End of Life Guide who understands death and the care needed in a non­-medical context, providing support, guidance and holding space for the emotional and spiritual challenges of dying. As an End of Life Guide I work with the dying and their care circle on: Planning, legacy, family dynamics, completion, social­-emotional support, rituals, home funerals and grief.

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Guide, Support, Empower

I work with individuals and families as they move through challenges due to aging, illness, dementia, and end of life. I am a guide for the unfamiliar roads that we must all travel.