When you find yourself lost at the crossroads of living and dying.
Look for a guide who can steady you and bring ease to the unfamiliar roads we must all travel.

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Bridging Transitions offers emotional, spiritual, and practical support to those on the threshold of living and dying, caregivers, those living with limited life expectancy, those living with grief, and anyone wanting to live life more fully. We serve individuals, families of origin or chosen, care-circles and communities of all makings.

We support individuals and families as they move through challenges due to aging, illness, dementia, and end of life.
We are guides for the unfamiliar roads that we must all travel.

The difference in how we experience life, aging, and dying
depends on whether we choose Love or fear.
Our journey starts with this choice.

~ Birgitta and Cheserae
End of Life Guidance

We provide a holistic approach to support the end-of-life journey. Providing information, guidance, and support whether you are living your own dying experience, or are a family member, caregiver, or friend to someone who is. You need support. Dying is strange and unfamiliar terrain for most of us with challenging physical, emotional, and spiritual processes.

This is a time when we benefit from the kind and compassionate knowledge of an End of Life Guide who understands death and the care needed in a non­-medical context. Providing support, guidance, and holding space for the emotional and spiritual challenges of dying. 

As End of Life Guides, Death Midwives/Doulas we work with the dying, their loved ones, and care circles on planning, legacy, family dynamics, completion, social­-emotional support, rituals, home funerals, and grief.

Holistic Life Coaching

Compassionate listening, intuitive guidance, and practical effective tools provide relief and ease, to support your physical, spiritual, and emotional well­ being.

Stress, fear, and grief are common for many of us as we journey through challenging times.

Alleviating fears, providing understanding, clarity, and a sense of connection can bring much needed calm and peace of mind. This forms the basis for navigating the unfamiliar roads ahead.

As coaches we journey with you, walk beside you and support you. So you feel empowered and experience greater levels of well­ being.

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Bridging Transition hosts community events. Facilitates conversations and workshops, and offers educational retreats, including certification courses for death doulas and death midwives.

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