Monthly Community Tea Talks

Hi everyone,

Please join me for our monthly Community Tea Talks on conscious living and conscious dying!

We all have stories related to death and dying but we don’t often talk about them…

Tea Talks are monthly community gatherings to talk about life, loss, aging, illness, death and dying. By sharing our experiences and stories in community we feel empowered, find fellowship and understanding. Some information and teachings may also be shared.

Why is it called Tea Talks?
Throughout my life hard conversations have been eased by a nice cup of tea and a little something yummy to go with it. Having hard conversations is easier when we create a warm, trusting and comfortable space and soothe our senses. Smell and taste are strong connectors and can help us feel at ease. Join us as we explore old and new ideas, around Living, Aging, Death and Dying. Find support and community, explore how you can support yourself and your loved ones in challenging times of life-transitions, experience personal growth, reduce fear and increase connection by focusing on the shared human experience.

Life is not the absence of death…
It is the inclusion of death into life that allows us to live consciously.

Here are some questions and conversations that have come up in the past…How can death help us live fully? How do I get over my fears? I keep thinking about what I could have done differently… My family does not want me to talk to dad about his cancer… Do we need to embalm if we want a viewing? Are there rules about mourning? Come share a cup of tea and add your voice or just come to listen.

As always, Thank you to everyone for participated in the recent workshops and to those who have trusted me to be a tiny part of their journey.

Let’s be open to exploring our beliefs and ideas around living, aging and dying…

“The difference in how we experience life, aging and dying depends on whether we choose love or fear. Our journey starts with this choice”

Please connect with me if you are interested in free 30 minute introductory session. Let me help you navigate the unfamiliar roads ahead.

As always, light & love,

Take a 5 minute break to receive this gift of gratitude.
The stunning time-lapse photography of Louie Schwartzberg, accompanied by powerful words from Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast.

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