Seeds For Our Transformation


       “May we remember to remember, to lean into the awareness of whatever seeks emergence, and trust that the great mystery knows what needs expressing.”
– Bobby Kountz

Maybe one of the reasons why sitting in a circle where dying, death, and grief are invited to be present is so potent and powerful is the communal awareness that something needs to be expressed, to be witnessed, so that something new might emerge and we might be transformed.
When we lean in and trust the guidance we receive we might find that it isn’t just about the expression, but rather, it is about what might grow or emerge from this expression.
What we are looking for are ways to make meaning out of our pain, to make beauty with our heartache, We lean into a transformative process willing for something new to emerge.
Expressing that which is seeking emergence, trusting the universe to guide us, is a practice.
What is seeking to be expressed?
What transformation is waiting to emerge?
When we lean in…
and trust the mystery we allow for things to emerge that we might not have imagined yet.
Our expression can take many forms, it might come in the form of song or dance, in writing or storytelling, in altar building, painting, cooking, gardening, prayer or just breathing. We all have our own practices.

September Emergence practice.
Are you curious and willing to practice?
Find a place outside in nature or just a place where things grow like a park, garden, or tree-lined street.
Go on a little walk and using your senses take in the colors, smells, and sounds of your surroundings. look down and up, What have you not noticed before? Breathe in the gift of this new awareness.
What have you looked at a million times and not seen?
The beauty of a leaf on the sidewalk? the way pebbles sparkle in sunlight? The way the grass sways?
Is any of it available for you to use? Try not to take things, instead see what is free for you to use without damaging, picking, or removing something the plant might still need.
Once you have wandered and collected a few offerings
Take a moment to close your eyes and breathe deeply while contemplating this question:
What is ready to emerge and transform?
Notice the first thing that comes to mind, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, or big and wild it is.
Bow to it, thanking it for showing itself.
Now just allow your hands to start laying down the special offerings you have collected any pattern will do.
Many of us are familiar with mandalas and creating a circular shape might bring ease to the process.
As you are laying down your offerings in a pattern allow your heart to stay with what is wanting to be expressed, what it looks like is secondary.
Why do you think this is showing itself? Why now? Be gentle and give thanks as you explore and allow your heart and mind to wonder and just be in the experience.
You might enjoy the meandering yet mindful state this practice can bring or you can give yourself a time limit for the process.
Sometimes emotions well up, be kind to yourself and give thanks.
When you are complete, take a few deep breaths and reflect on your emergence practice.
If possible, take some time to journal about your experience and take a photo to remember it by.
You might want to share your experience with others and this can be a beautiful gift.
We would love it if you shared your experience and what emerged with us and we would be thrilled to see photos!

May our pain and grief, our love and wonder be seeds for our transformations.
As always, with deep Love and Gratitude,
Birgitta ❤️🌟🙏