May we remember to remember, to lean into the awareness of whatever seeks emergence, and trust that the great mystery knows what needs expressing.”
Bobby Kountz

Maybe one of the reasons why sitting in a circle where dying, death, and grief are invited to be present is so potent and powerful is the communal awareness that something needs to be expressed, to be witnessed, so that something new might emerge and we might be transformed

When we lean in and trust the guidance we receive we might find that it isn’t just about the expression, but rather, it is about what might grow or emerge from this expression.

What we are looking for are ways to make meaning out of our pain, to make beauty with our heartache, We lean into a transformative process willing for something new to emerge.

Expressing that which is seeking emergence, trusting the universe to guide us, is a practice.

What is seeking to be expressed?
What transformation is waiting to emerge?

When we lean in…Read more here (

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Birgitta and Cheserae

Upcoming Events

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Webinar: Choosing a Death Doula. The who, why, and how!
 Zoom September 18th @ 5:00 pm (PST) 

What qualities should you look for? What questions should you ask?
This and so much more.
Know someone who might be curious? Please share.
*Register for free to join us*


Monthly conversations with End of Life Midwives

Next Zoom gathering September 14 @ 9 am PST

Join us! Come to listen to heartfelt shares and questions. We share our lived experiences and relationship with death.
We explore how we create meaning, balance living while dying, and grief, and create a more conscious and sacred end-of-life journey.
*Register for free to join us*


The Sacred Journey of Conscious Dying

A Weekend Training Retreat, Friday through Sunday 
September 8,9,10 2023 

As Death Midwives and Doulas, we witness time and time again how heartache, anxiety, and fear dominate this fragile and emotional time.
Now is the time to heal, re-imagine, and remember. So that we may collectively change how we live, die, and grieve with simple, effective tools and practices, presence, compassion, and, above all, Love.

This retreat is for anyone interested in exploring their mortality, those wanting to serve or already tending to the dying personally or professionally.
This weekend is Level 1 of our Death Doula training.  


Sacred Tending And Ritual After Death 
level 2 

Registration open ~ First come, first serve! 

A Weekend Training Retreat, Friday through Sunday 
October 6,7,8 2023

The time after death carries opportunities for profound transformation. Creating meaningful rituals and ceremonies, and sacred tending are all part of how we shift these threshold moments to support our grief and love. 
After death care of the body and home funeral guide practices are part of this course. 

This retreat is for anyone interested in exploring how to hold space and transform the after-death experience into one of grace, love, peace, and honor.
This weekend is Level 2 of our Death Doula training.