Spring is here!

Hi everyone,

Spring is here! Renewal and rebirth are all around us. How are you renewing your life? What are you shedding that does not serve you anymore?

Whether we are young, old, or somewhere in between; vibrant, slowing down, or somewhere in between; healthy, aching, or somewhere in between; each day is a rebirth and a choice. What will it take to make today a good day?

Look for new growth opportunities within yourself. Use springtime as the catalyst for renewal.

Life is not the absence of death…
It is the inclusion of death into life that allows us to live consciously.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent workshops. The events brought together a lovely mix of people all open to exploring our beliefs and ideas around living, aging and dying…

We shared and learned together and gathered some nice insights and aha moments.

Starting in April I will be hosting a monthly community gathering and the seeds are planted for a 5 part series and a one day event… I will keep you posted and let you know when dates are set.

I was asked about facilitating dinners or get togethers for families or friends at private homes and I love the idea. So think about hosting an evening at your home to talk, explore and share in a group a topic chosen by you. It can be anything related to conscious living and dying, have some teaching or just be an open forum for all to share stories. Watching a movie followed by a conversation is another great way to spend an evening.
It is up to you! Think about a group you would like to have a conversation with, and we can shape the evening together.

“The difference in how we experience life, aging and dying depends on whether we choose love or fear. Our journey starts with this choice” Birgitta

Please connect with me if you are interested in free 30 minute introductory session. Let me help you navigate the unfamiliar roads ahead.

Light & love,

Take a 5 minute break to receive this gift of gratitude.
The stunning time-lapse photography of Louie Schwartzberg, accompanied by powerful words from Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast.

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