Why I have stones in my garden

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Why do I have collections of stones thoughout my garden? What is it about the seeming permanence of stone that brings me comfort? Why do they help ground me?

For many years our family has brought back stones and shells from our vacations, walks on beaches, visits to friends and family. They find a place in our garden and serve as reminders of the beauty we have seen, the love we have felt and of the amazing source nature is to us. In the last few years I have added stones to remember some very special people I had the privilege of co-journeying with for a little while…I find a stone to represent them and tuck it away somewhere or add it to the many curated collections that are all around our garden. I love how the stones are part of our landscape…how they mingle with the growing flowers and tomatoes…how as all of life grows and dies around them with the seasons, they add stillness, permanence, a constant reminder of the dance that is life and death. They remind me to be conscious, to be grateful and to witness and honor.

June 11-12 In the end…there is only love

A weekend retreat in Ojai, California. Join us as we explore:
~ Conscious dying as a part of conscious living.
~ Understanding the role of the End of Life Transition Guide.
~ Integrating old and new wisdoms
~ Exploring the place of ritual as part of the end of life journey
~ redefining what it means to care for our own in modern times
For more information and to register please visit the events page.

May 26 Please join us one of our monthly Community Tea Talks.

Come talk and listen as we meet in community to discuss living, dying and all the messy parts in between. Some conversations that have come up in the past: how can death help us live fully? I keep thinking about what I could have done differently; what should I do about my grief? Come share a cup of tea and your story; listen and open up to new ideas; be in community.


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Please enjoy the video below from Dr. Michael Fratkin and ResolutionCare that tells us about the beautiful ritual of the Spirit Tree.

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